Google Chrome 2020 will allow users to create special themes – Anyone who is accustomed to using Google Chrome as a browser knows that for now, while you can adjust it to the Chrome Web Store theme, leaving it in another style is no easy task. And that’s what Google focuses on through user-friendly, customizable theme generators.

Google Chrome 2020 will allow users to create special themes
Google Chrome 2020 will allow users to create special themes

Chrome customization is currently limited to background images and toolbars, and many of the most popular themes, including some that have recently been available through browsers, only have changes to the overall color scheme. That is why the company has begun to incorporate a large number of integrated color-based themes that make adjusting Google Chrome 2020 easier.

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Apart from this initiative, if you want a special color scheme beyond what is available in the Chrome Web Store, you still need to create a Chrome extension.

This was revealed through the latest code changes in Chromium, which led to the belief that Google is serving customizers by developing an integrated theme generator for Chrome. In the code in question, you can see that there will be a new flag in chrome: // flags, related to the browser color.

Once activated, such “special color pickers” will appear on the “Color and Theme” page in the “Customization” menu on the Chrome New Tab page. It will appear in the white space in the upper right corner of the image below. With this color picker, users will choose one color to use for their theme and Google Chrome 2020 will manipulate the rest.

So, with the color chosen being used as a base, the browser began to create special themes with lighter colors for the toolbar and darker colors for the Google logo on the New Tab page. It is worth mentioning that this is the same process used by Google’s internal themes, where each only chooses one color.

Although not yet effective, this custom Chrome color picker is planned to arrive together with the “Color and Theme” menu in Chrome 77, according to the Chromium bug tracking page.

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