Chrome Set Up Ad Blocker So that the browser version 2020 is not slow – Google realizes that most of its revenue comes from advertising, but advertising is also known to slow down browser performance. Because this takes up too much resources.

Chrome Set Up Ad Blocker So that the browser version 2020 is not slow

Therefore, Google is known to develop features in the Chrome browser it makes to block ads that can make it slow. The feature in question is still being tested in the Chromium open source browser which is the basis of Google Chrome 2020.

Reported by Cnet, Google said that large ads take resources as heavy ads, namely heavy ads. This type of advertising takes up 4 MB of network traffic or CPU time for 60 seconds. Later, if the user opens a site and there are ads that fall within the criteria earlier, then Chrome will automatically block it.

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When blocked, an Ad removed message with the Details button will appear. When this button is clicked, a message will appear that this ad uses too many resources on the device, so Chrome is blocking it. “

It is not yet known when that feature will be added to the Google Chrome browser, if it is true it will actually be realized. Not just this time Google is testing the ad blocking feature. Some time ago, Google is also rumored to be launching an integrated ad blocker feature in Chrome.

Previously Google Chrome said it would begin to get rid of ads that interfere with and hinder the display of content. The step was taken along with the joining of Google into Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that is trying to make the browsing experience more comfortable for internet users. You do this by displaying web advertisements according to standards.

This initiative will be made by the Chrome browser 2020.  Chrome made by Google will begin rolling out ad blocker features that can block these annoying advertisements. As reported by Tech Radar.

Previously, Google had already conducted trials with related tools in North America and Europe, which involved more than 60,000 users. This trial was considered successful in providing a more positive experience for website visitors in both regions.

Chrome Set Up Ad Blocker So that the browser version 2020 is not slow
Chrome Set Up Ad Blocker So that the browser version 2020 is not slow

Ben Galbraith, Chrome’s Senior Product Director, said that the ultimate goal of Chrome is not to filter ads, but to bring a better web for everyone everywhere.

The Chrome ad blocker feature won’t necessarily eliminate all ads on the site, but will only filter it according to these standards.

For webmasters who display advertisements on the site, can use the Ad Experience Report tool to find out whether the ads are in accordance with the specified standards.

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